There is hereby created and established the City of Benton Sports and Athletic Commission.

(Ord. 2007-10, Sec. 1)

The Benton Sports and Athletic Commission shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Governing Body and shall develop athletic programs for Benton area youth. The athletic commission shall enjoy such additional authority and powers as may from time to time be conferred upon it by the Governing Body to include, but not be limited to, the scheduling of athletic events within recreational areas owned by the City of Benton, Kansas.

(Ord. 2007-10, Sec. 2)

The activities of the Commission shall be overseen by a Board of Directors, appointed by the Governing Body and the Board of Directors shall be authorized to adopt bylaws through which to organize its activities. All appointments to the Board of Directors as well as bylaws and amendments to bylaws shall be subject to approval by the Governing Body. All Board members shall serve at the pleasure of the Governing Body.

(Ord. 2007-10, Sec. 3)

Funding for the activities of the Commission shall be through private donation which the Governing Body wi" dedicate solely to the activities of the Commission and funding may be supplemented, from time to time, as the Governing Body, within its absolute discretion, deems appropriate

(Ord. 2007-10, Sec. 4)