(a)   Mobile Home as used in this article shall mean a movable, detachable, single family dwelling unit with all of the following characteristics:

(1)   Designed for long term occupancy, and containing accommodations, a flush toilet, a tub or shower bath, kitchen facilities, and having plumbing and electrical connections provided for attachment to outside systems;

(2)   Designed and constructed on a chassis that is capable of being transported after fabrication on its own wheels (for detachable wheels);

(3)   Upon arrival at the intended site where the unit is to be occupied as a dwelling, the unit is complete and ready for occupany except for minor and incidental unpacking and assembly operations, location on support, connection to utilities, and not necessary to be placed on a foundation as required for a permanent structure;

(4)   Also including in this definition are vehicular, portable dwelling units, designed for short term occupancies, such as travel trailers, campers, converted buses and similar units whether self-propelled, pulled or hauled and which are designed primarily for highway travel without a special permit and/or does not comply with all of the minimum requirements of the minimum housing code as a dwelling unit.

(b)   Occupant, Occupany, or Occupied as used in this article shall mean the use of any mobile home as defined above by any person for living, sleeping, cooking or eating purposes for a period that it can reasonably be the persons residing therein are using the mobile home as a dwelling unit.

(c)   Inspection Officer shall mean an officer appointed by the governing body of the city for the purpose of enforcing this article.

(Ord. 216, Sec. 1)

No mobile home shall be parked or located temporarily or permanently within the corporate limits of the city, except as specifically provided for and in locations authorized for the placement of mobile homes within the city’s zoning regulations.

(Ord. 216, Sec. 2; Ord. 2-1992, Sec. 1)